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Take Flight : An Adventure in Cirque

Audience Responses:   

"You will wish the journey never ends... Take Flight: An Adventure in Cirque brings to the audience a great message and just the right balance of serious, playful and beautiful.  Leaves you inspired, encouraged and amused." - PLANK Magazine (Vancouver Fringe 2015)


"Funny and poignant, great for kids and adults, took itself just the right about of serious, and beautiful."

-K. Hammergren, audience


"Thank you, Kiki, Bumbles and Fink, for a wonderful evening. DeForest enjoyed Take Flight and the fire spinning show." -DeForest Public Library (2014)


“How many kids had dreams last night of climbing the silks and flying, holding the audiences spellbound as they soared high above?  Wonderful show, awesome people, truly an amazing night!”

- Steven Bourelle, audience

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Pyro & Penumbra Fire Spinning

Audience Responses​

"Why doesn't this street fair have fire dancers? Where are the fire dancers?!?!! " -Ellie, Age 5, at every street faire since Custer's (according to her mother)


"Hello everyone. My name is Anthony Ferrell, and I am a Pyro Maniac. *sits down*" - Anthony Ferrell


"My 3 yo wants to be a fire dancer now. But when she's bigger because "widdle kids shouldn't pway wif fire cuz den DDT will get Buuuuurnnned." Pyro Maniacs is awesome." - Jen Borlick



2014 Janesville Renaissance Faire in Beloit Press

2013 Pyro & Penumbra in Custer's Fair

2013 Janesville Renaissance Faire